What I do at work

As a reporter/editor for CBC I help take care of cbc.ca/calgary. Most of this is writing, editing and producing written news stories — most often by using reporting from radio and television journalists, as well as any research I can do from my desk. This means I spend a lot of time writing headlines, doing value-added content and editing images, videos and audio. I also spend a lot of my time on social media, analyzing our site's traffic patterns and planning future coverage. Sometimes I go on radio or TV to report on what's happening online.

Below are some examples of that work. Note that it's a bit tricky choosing articles, as often more than one writer will work on the story throughout the course of the day — and rarely do we take a byline — but I chose ones I put the majority of work into (for most, all the work was done by me).

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CBC.ca articles

NEWS | Alberta's 'King Ralph' remembered

Ralph Klein, the colourful and controversial politician who led Alberta for 14 years, is being remembered as a populist leader who never lost his common touch.

NEWS | Ex-PM adviser Tom Flanagan sorry for child-porn comments

Tom Flanagan, a former senior adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former campaign manager for Alberta’s Wildrose party, has apologized for saying he had "grave doubts" about jailing people who view child pornography.

NEWS | Calgary mayor to flood evacuees: 'Gather your valuables and go'

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is urging residents affected by flooding evacuation orders to "gather your valuables and go," while telling the city as a whole to avoid all non-essential travel on Friday.

LIVE BLOGGING | Dustin Paxton guilty of aggravated and sexual assault

Dustin Paxton has been found guilty in a Calgary courtroom of aggravated and sexual assault against his former business partner and roommate, who was dropped off at a Regina hospital almost two years ago, disfigured and emaciated. The ruling as it happened.

VISUAL STORYTELLING | Stunning footage of lynx staring into Banff window

A photographer and Parks Canada employee caught some incredible images of a lynx and her kitten earlier this month.

STORIFY | Tweeted high school house party shuts out minors

The secret location of a planned Calgary house party that got international attention this week was announced Saturday night.

LIVE CHAT | Alberta Votes 2012

CBC's election night live chat.

MAP | Halloween candy census: Counting trick or treaters by neighbourhood

The Calgary Eyeopener asked that question this morning and had a ton of responses. Here's what they had to say.